Wednesday, February 11, 2009

insomnia, sort of

I've been sleeping horribly lately. I can't fall asleep until late and I wake up early. My eyes are so heavy with exhaustion that they actually hurt and my head screams for rest. I reasoned that if I try and identify the source of my new-found insomnia, I might be able to make some proactive life changes and get an adequate dose of slumber that is much needed.
  • audiocandy
    Yofred and I scored a radio show this semester. I'm super excited for it, but I find myself too often brainstorming and looking forward to it that I'm losing sleep over it. It is one of those situations where my mind is not nearly as tired as my body and it is disregarding my plea to shut down so I can get some shut-eye.
  • health
    I came down with the flu weeks about two weeks ago. I was held in quarintine, more or less, not leaving my bed or seeing another person for about five days. I do not have television in my apartment so my time was spent watching the last season of Survivor off of and sleeping. I think I got used to sleeping 14+ hours a day, so now I feel sleep-deprived even if I get the normal eight hours of sleep.
  • bedroom
    My room is still a mess from the dance party I threw last weekend. I feel like the clutter gets to me, adding stress and another thing to my overbearing to-do list. I also have sheer window curtains that probably serve no real purpose than to look pretty. The 7 o'clock sunrise is a nice way to start my (early) day; sike.
  • crazy weekends
    Dara brought to my attention that alcohol messes up your normal body functions, like your ability to actually have a full, restfull REM cycle. It makes sense; I can sleep for 10 hours after a night of heavy drinking and still not feel great. Add the fact that I have been consistantly staying up until about 4:30 a.m. every weekend night and it only makes sense that I'm exhausted and I can't get to bed at a normal hour.
It seems like I should stop partying so hard. And maybe sleep once in a while? Wild idea, I know. Dara suggested meditating to clear my mind and allow myself to calm down and drift to sleep. Any other suggestions?


Aly said...

do NOT stop drinking. read your com law book right before bed and you will fall asleep with no problems!

Anonymous said...

Serotonin levels may be increased by supplement of tryptophan. However, increasing foods rich in tryptophan (eg, meats, proteins) do not increase serotonin levels, due to competition with other amino acids.[41] What is required to increase serotonin production is an increase in the ratio of tryptophan to phenylalanine and leucine. Fruits with a good ratio include dates, papaya and banana.-- I heat up a glass of milk for my trypophan... could be placebo but I sleep well