Monday, February 9, 2009

drinking, night & morning

You've been warned about beer goggles. Suck down a few beers and suddenly Syracuse is swarming with sexy men. What is going on. Where am I. Why does the guy next to me oddly resemble James McAvoy (I wish).

It's a dangerous phenomenon that has taken innocent bar-goers as victims, and given hope to those with bad haircuts, body odor and no social skills.

But have you ever been warned about groggy weekday mornings? A weekend of partying has ruined your sleeping pattern, so you start your work week already tired, already doomed to consistent fatigue.

This morning I found myself in that exact dreaded groggy state, reading a novel for one of my various classes and listening to a smooth instrumental album off my iPod. It was actually quite enjoyable; my book was engaging, I was comfortable and I was being productive.

But it was too good to be true.

I had not gone to senior sundays at Faegan's the night before, nor had I begun my day with a Bloody Mary, but my well-being was being threatened by a beverage none-the-less (why did I have to get a small coffee, and why did I wait to get it after my class instead of before; dangerously poor choices). My coffee's caffeine had not fully kicked in yet, leaving me in a overly subdue state. I was waking up a little, but the reading was calming me--two polar powers working against each other to keep me captive in a sort of sleepy limbo.

I would occasionally look up and around, watching people walking by or sitting at tables. But in my daze, my guard was down and I was acting instinctual.

And that's when it happened.

I accidentally waved to an individual whom I completely dislike, and I am unfortunately acquainted with because of common friends. It was a natural reaction to wave to someone I know, but in this situation, I completely regretted it.

Not only did I not want to talk to this person, but because I initiated communication with my slight of hand, I was not obligated to initiate small talk and pretend to be interested in this person and their life. And I hate being fake.

So people, beware. Drinking will leave you in undesirable states, just make sure you recognize beverage choices can be dangerous no matter what time of day. Drink too much alcohol at the bar and you might mistake anything that walks for your dream boy. Get your morning coffee too late and you might wave to that kid you desperately try to avoid like the plague.


Catherine said...

To summarize: You were drunk in the middle of the morning at and blindly waved at a stranger.Loves it.

Aly said...

girl, you have to stare down at your feet if you're walking around in the morning before that first cup.