Saturday, January 10, 2009

care bears and clouds

Have you ever wanted to snuggle up in a cloud like a carebear?

Pulling the fluffy, soft covers of cloud over yourself, tucking yourself in for a cosmically cozy nap.

I don't.

The visual-- the playful, warm animation-- looks so delightful, but to an unmatchable extent. I think that if I were to be giving the chance to sleep in a cloud during a dream, or in some unrealistic way within the actual drawing, I think the experience would still fall short of what my sight calculates the sensation would be.

My perception of cloud slumber is a mix of two things: the fantasy of how soft and fluffy clouds would be in a cartoon world plus a sprinkle of childhood nostalgia.

I feel like the adolescent perception, the way things are more important, more exciting, more extreme, more fantastic, cannot ever be recovered, at least fully. No one knows when it goes, or how or why, but it's clear that there comes a time when imagination weakens.

And that's why I'm confident that looking at a picture of a carebear sleeping in a cloud is more delightful than if I were given a the actual opportuntiy now to sleep in a cloud.

The picture conjures up hazy, nearly-gone feelings of imagination; the most delighful thing in the world.


Yofred Moik said...

This is a fascinating entry. It's so imaginative. It actually reminds me of Science of Sleep because your description of cloud-resting plays around the boundaries of perception and reality. Recently, Ive been rewatching clips of Science of Sleep sometimes while eating dinner. Alex and Mike both love the movie, being film majors.

Lets jam :)

Anonymous said...

It all starts to fade when you no longer believe in Santa Claus. The magic of children believing in Santa is complete. Think back, at the pure excitement of believing in something that under no circumstances could be true. But, children believe until that one sad day when he or she really questions his existence. Poof! After that time, nothing is ever the same. Sorry to burst the bubble of those of you who still believe in Santa. On an aside, each Christmas read The Polar Express. It will take you back to the time that you believed, but the feeling is gone... forever.

Anonymous said...


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