Friday, February 8, 2008

I stepped down the cement stairs that were slightly damp from the flurries Syracuse had been getting. Twilight hung in the air. I had just missed the sun, but its presence lingered. Snow fell lightly like glitter, illuminated by the headlights of passing cars. My ears were warmed by love and mathematics as I walked down the college neighborhood sidewalk, hopping to avoid puddles and muddy cracks.


yofred said...

this post reminds me of tonight. but what bewilders me is the fact that you used mathematics to avoid puddles and ice.

my grim tarot reading is kind of scaring me at the moment. its either down or up, boost or downgrade.


kazu said...

hmm.. the only thing mathematics does to my ears is pass through swiftly in from one and out the other, leaving nothing behind.

and yes, TWBB had the BEST music of any movie this year, only it is too bad Johnny Greenwood is not eligible to be nominated for an Oscar for it. not seeing NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN shouldn't change your bias since it has no music in it at all.

yofred said...

my tenth-grade teacher told me i should smile more. i've been trying very hard to do so since.

i still cant believe you landed the USA Today internship. If you cleverly insinuate political bias in my favor i will design you a pair of sunglasses solely tailored to paige.